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The Singularity Lab

an integrated human capital consultancy, helping technology companies achieve exponential results by attracting and retaining top talent and creating high performing work-places based on data, design and technology


Since earliest times humanity has endeavoured to develop the most appropriate systems of organization to meet the challenges of a particular era. Today, we are in the AI era of exponential opportunities and disruption driven by accelerating technologies. Not only are we questioning what it means to be "human" but also what does it all mean for organizations? We urgently need a different approach to overcome the challenges of technological disruption.

At The Singularity Lab we believe organizations today need to be multidimensional - 

  • Have greater concern and higher interconnectedness with its people and the ecosystems it places itself in

  • Leadership that brings the future opportunities into the present by embracing AI and exponential technologies 

  • Use design principles in creating the employee experience 

  • Playing an active role contributing to future skills development for the next generations

  • Read about the 6 dimensions of Singularity

Ours is a unique invitation for your organization to succeed. We design solutions that accentuate the pertinent dimensions of Singularity. Our 12+ solutions leverage advanced technology, proprietary processes and deep expertize, helping you attract and retain the diverse talent and help build a collaborative high performance culture that focuses your people on delivering your company mission. Working in rapid sprints, with flexibility and are uncompromising on impact. 

If you are a technology company believing in a higher way of delivering business results, we want to work with you.

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Join Puneet and other industry leaders who will be speaking at the DIGIT Leaders Summit. The Summit is geared for senior technology leaders, and designed to provide a forum for knowledge exchange, discussion, collaboration and high-level networking.

Sign-up here 


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what separates highest performing organizations

Culture starts with what people do and how they do it. In any organization, what people do may not differ dramatically, but high-performing organizations distinguish themselves in how they do it. This cumulative effect of what is done and how it is done ultimately determines an organization’s performance.


attract and retain talent at every level

It’s remarkable how much of a productivity kicker an organization gets from top talent. Research shows that top talent are 400 percent more productive than average ones. Not having an effective people attraction and retention strategy and solutions turns proactive businesses into reactive ones which can be disruptive to your business, skew employment ROI, and decrease employee satisfaction.

Track and Field Athlete


rapidly designed solutions scaling businesses

For scale-up technology companies on a mission and want to distinguish themselves to attract, engage and retain diverse top talent at all levels in order to optimise business performance and deliver a high-quality work experience for their people. This is a suitable solution for investors to ensure highest leverage of the human capital in their portfolio companies.


optimize managerial performance

Connector managers are defined by their ability to personalize employee development for employee resonance, power the team for peer development and partner for best-fit connections. This triples the likelihood that their direct reports are high performers, and also drives employee engagement by up to 40% (Gartner). Our Connector Manager solutions center around this approach.

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diagnostics that deliver vital insights

 When you think about the challenges companies face in some ways they are the eternal people challenges - why do people leave, what drives higher performance, what behaviours lead to higher customer satisfaction etc. For a very long time this has been a space where the answer was "it depends". People Analytics solutions are about helping our clients make better people and organizational decisions by identifying in a very data driven way, what matters to value creation.

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"Puneet received several recommendations from his clients. In fact, Puneet received some of the most positive recommendations from his clients that I have heard in over 25 years of working in a professional environment. He also was able to save his client over $3.5 million per year."

John Rowe, Principal Director, Accenture

Define: Legacy

A 7-month Accelerator for four high-performing women entrepreneurs. Cohort 2 starts March 2022. 

By application or invitation only.

Are you a female leader who has a track record of success behind you and deeply meaningful aspirations ahead of you?

Then you are in the Right Place. 

Is there an exponential goal or a vision that seems impossible today...something you know is yours for the taking and are experiencing internal resistance towards it? 

Are there some secret fears you’ve never shared with anyone, some challenges that are stopping you in your tracks? 

Despite your success do you second guess yourself and sometimes even find it hard to accept your own Brilliance? 

Are there times you feel all by yourself in pursuit of your ambitions, even misunderstood and deeply desire a supportive community, a judgment-free zone to be you?

What if you could discover how your very successes are holding you back the most? What if you could handle every one of them? Forever.

You are not alone, And, it does not have to be this way. 

I worked in partnership with Puneet over a couple of years delivering and embedding High Performance Leadership with the Directors and their respective leadership teams. Puneet has a very high degree of credibility with his internal clients at all levels and works extremely effectively with them. He is not afraid to challenge and stretch the thinking of the organisation and maintains positive relationships even when things get tough. 

Fiona Gifford, Director  and High Performance Leadership Coach


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Human Capital Solutions

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Digital Healthcare

Human Capital Solutions

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Flight Operations

Operational Efficiency

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Tech Scale-up's

Founder Coaching


Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance by delivering excellent solutions that are filtered through the 6 dimensions of Singularity.

We understand that creating sustained high performance environments and employee experiences depends more than ever on the ability to manage, align, and grow organizations both culturally and procedurally.

Too often, critical organizational decisions are made on the basis of instinct and personal bias. Ours is a progressive approach - blending data, employee-centered design, technology and tracked by measurement parameters. 

Working in rapid sprints with flexibility, we are uncompromising on impact. We meet clients where they are in their transformation journey of creating high performing environments and cultures.

We mesh effortlessly into your people teams, innovating as we work and ensuring knowledge transfer for future autonomy. 




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