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People leave managers and not organizations. A manager is first and foremost a way of being, an embodiment of the culture and the values of the organization they work in. They are role models and are that 13% or so of your organization that manage and lead the remainder. Self paced online learning of managerial concepts has its place but does not create an embodied manager  who will also be a future leader. There is much more to it. Support, guidance, coaching, and a safe learning environment, all add up. 

After much research and experiential learning we have centered most of our manager development solutions around the Connector Manager approach. An approach based on Gartner’s insights from a survey of 7,300 employees and managers across a variety of industries and interviews of more than 100 HR executives. Insights you can trust.

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Connector Manager
8 to 12 weeks sprint

The Connector Managers is as much as approach as it is a model for a management development intervention we design bespoke for your organization and meticulously handover for you to then autonomously deliver. This Connector Manager approach triples the likelihood that direct reports of your managers are high performers, and also driving employee engagement by up to 40% (Gartner). Managers are a critical link in the execution of business objectives and embedding the desired culture. Connector Managers personalize employee development, power the team for peer development and  harness best-fit connections - our solution is build around these core principles and is tightly enveloped by practical managerial concepts and best practices.


Manager Coaching - One to One
12 weeks sprint or longer

Managers are continuously under significant performance pressure. As the famous adage goes, 'people leave managers not organizations'. Managers have high leverage, unlock the potential of front line and middle managers and you make your company more productive, more agile and more profitable as a result. Coaching delivers disproportionate return on investment. 600 percent by some estimates. Find out about our one to one coaching solutions.


Managers Salon
12 to 24 weeks sprint

A dynamically facilitated peer to peer ‘learning for action’ set that comprises of three or four managers who come together once a month, with a real time project or a challenge they are working through. This breaks silos and managers engage in high quality conversations in order to achieve the breakthroughs on their projects and learn and grow professionally. Peer-to-peer learning leverages the existing expertize and group reflection conversations help employees master the difficult skills of giving and accepting honest, constructive feedback.

Business Meeting

Leading Teams - Front Line Managers
Online Workshop Series

Managers make a huge difference for your company, especially as it grows.  Gaps in management skills interfere with team productivity and put culture at risk.  Morale sours, engagement drops, retention and staffing suffer.  Everything is harder when soft skills are ignored. You won’t become more skillful simply by acquiring more information.  You must practice.  But how?  With support, guidance, coaching, and a safe learning environment, you’ll build these skills over time. Learning in a peer-to-peer environment helps develop your own effective, authentic leadership style. Get in touch to find out about our workshop series delivered in two hour modules at a time or together.

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