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The 10-20-30 Power-Up
6 month support

When you are scaling a company, you may not always have the specialized in-house expertize to drive the critical human capital and culture decisions that eventually make or break teams and business performance. At the end of the day all challenges are ‘people’ challenges. From an ROI standpoint it just makes sense to protect the significant investment made in people, even if you go no further than the fully loaded payroll. 

Our 10-20-30 Power-Up solution provides holistic people and culture support to your scaling company for a 6 month period. 

10 one-to-one Founder / CEO Coaching sessions. The Founder is one of the most important assets a scaling business has. These one to one sessions provide them support on their transitional journeys through personal and business growth. No sacred cows. In these sessions we’ll cover anything and everything that can have a dramatic impact on the performance of the Founder - personal and professional, which it usually is in most cases.  

20 hours of human capital advisory dedicated to supporting your business making prudent early stage people and culture decisions, which is highly valuable for scaleups who want to grow quickly and sustainably. We cover questions such as “what do we need to be thinking of in designing our people and culture strategy?”, “is our hiring process optimised?”, “we have some great talent, how do we ensure retention and development?” and more. 

30 hours of design which may or may not be a natural outflow from the Advisory. This allocation of time gives your scaleup the fire-power to establish norms, processes, roles and responsibilities that lead to the creation and development of high performance practices and organizational culture that enable the fulfillment of the company’s mission. 

All engagements begin with an intensive, of up to 3 hours, with the Founder. And if required, those responsible for people and culture decisions too. 

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