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The Six Dimensions of the Singularity Lens

Attributes of Organizations practicing Singularity

The Service Dimension 

Their orientation is to Serve. They have clearly defined their vision, purpose and values. And these are well understood at every level in the organization. They have strategic frameworks and practices in place to manage their organization effectively. They exemplify care for their customer through anticipation of needs and paying close attention to the details. 

The Connected Leadership Dimension

These organizations are led by Connected Leaders at all level who see and bring the future opportunities into the present. They know their people intimately. Continuous self-mastery is their start point. They strive to be better than the sources of inspiration who are setting the standards for your customer.  Connected Leaders stay abreast of the opportunities AI presents, however they know that all breakthroughs are first created conversations, not technology. Building inclusive, ethical workplaces is priority for them. 

The Human Dimension 

They have a 'People Manifesto', their internal mission, and are focused on serving their people as much as their customers. They have a clearly defined employer value proposition carefully created by understanding their true needs. Employee Experience matters to them and have resources allocated towards it. They use data, analytics and are rigourous in making people decision as they do for their customers. They make it their business to build an inclusive workplace, facilitate the personal employee well-being and support the balance between professional and family priorities. 

The Artificial Intelligence Dimension

They educate themselves on the promise and the challenge of the Artificial Intelligence era. They increasingly harnessing AI’s power in their operations to serve the customer and their people. At the same time, they understand, AI’s impact on work is likely to be profound. Some occupations as well as demand for some skills will decline, while others grow and many change as people work alongside ever-evolving and increasingly capable machines. They have or are creating a reskilling strategy. 

The Design Thinking Dimension

These organization use a Design Thinking approach by putting the end user at the core of designing the experience or service. They embrace this philosophy and approach for creating solutions for customers and for its people too. They get close enough to the users to see where their frustrations lie and how we can make their lives and experiences better and more fulfilling. They extend their scope to evaluate impact of their designs on the wider society too. 

The Ethical Dimension

These organizations have Integrity as a core organizational value, the one value on which all other values are perpetuated. Everyone understands what Integrity means at the organizational, departmental and individual level as well as the code of conduct and standards with external stakeholders. They respect Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and adhere to a strict and transparent data privacy protocol. They make the most of corporate social responsibility. Instead of focusing on pet projects reflecting the personal interest of some senior executives, they create smart partnerships. In such ventures, the focus of the business moves beyond enhancing reputation and toward addressing a major societal challenge by using their core organizational competencies. 

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