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The business world today looks very different than it did twenty years ago—or even ten years ago. Nearly 90% of stock market capitalization in the United State, and possibly in other nations too, is now in “intangible assets”—intellectual property, services, software, and other human-powered creations. It’s not oil in the ground, or energy, or any kind of traditional capital. It’s human capital. No matter what sector you’re in, people are your number one asset. The difference between our company and our competitors is the engagement, experience, skills, and service level of our people. 

If we don’t have the right people in the right roles with the right skills, our organizations will not survive in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment. And—between the gig economy, unprecedented transparency, and a dramatic shift in what people expect from their work and their employers—attracting and retaining talent has never been more complex.

This context makes it particularly challenging for scaling technology companies. Our Performance Vector solutions are designed for such companies that want to distinguish themselves to attract, engage and retain diverse top talent at all levels to optimise business performance. Start your exploration from our Performance Vector Inclusive, a comprehensive solution to attract and integrate top talent. 

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The 10-20-30 Power-Up
6 month support

At the end of the day all challenges are ‘people’ challenges. From an ROI standpoint it just makes sense to protect the significant investment made in people, even if you go no further than the fully loaded payroll. 

The 10-20-30 Power-Up is an innovative solution providing holistic people and culture related support to your scaling company for a 6 month period. 10 one-to-one Founder / CEO Coaching sessions - for one of the most important assets of the organization. 20 hours of human capital advisory dedicated to making prudent early stage people and culture decisions. 30 hours of design work to establish norms, processes, roles and responsibilities that lead to the creation and development of high performance practices.  

Get details HERE. 

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Performance Vector Inclusive
8 to 16 weeks sprint

Most software businesses spend on average 60-70% of operating costs on their people and eventually, all problems in the company boil down to being a ‘people’ problem. The Performance Vector Inclusive solution is our most comprehensive solution designed to help your scaling organization attract top talent, reduce early-stage attrition, and increase employee commitment and productivity, to effectively deliver your company mission. The components of the Performance Vector solution include, defining your Culture DNA, the Employer Value Proposition, your Employer Branding, the On-boarding program and a guide to various Performance Conversations.

Get the details HERE


Talent Attraction - Employer Branding
4 to 8 weeks sprint

Employer branding is the WHY someone wants to work and stay at your company – your reputation online and offline. We will begin with driving out your Culture DNA - mission, purpose, values. We then develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). We’ll then create a comprehensive marketing strategy to help you showcase your company’s culture and what makes you different from other employers to attract the diverse pool of applicants you need to succeed. We’ll upgrade your About Pages and Careers Pages, and also help you prepare briefs for recruiters and job adverts that resonate with prospective employees from diverse backgrounds.

Group Meeting

Talent Aifniti

2 to 12 weeks sprint

There is a crucial link between Talent and Value. Superior talent is up to eight times more productive. It’s remarkable how much of a productivity kicker an organization gets from top talent. A 2017 study of more than 600,000 researchers, entertainers, politicians, and athletes found that high performers are 400 percent more productive than average ones. Studies of businesses not only show similar results but also reveal that the gap rises with a job’s complexity. In highly complex occupations—the information- and interaction-intensive work of managers, software developers, and the like—high performers are an astounding 800 percent more productive. Read more about our Talent Afiniti solutions HERE

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Pace Setter - Founder Coaching
12 weeks sprint or longer

As a Founder / CEO's you are one of the most valuable asset of the organization. You have a key milestone coming up in the next 3-month period. You’re committed to accomplishing this goal because it will have an important, positive effect on the development of your venture. Today, you might be stuck, at a point of stagnation, or going through a period of high-growth and opportunity but need to be prescriptive about staying focused on achieving results. The 3-month The Pace Setter coaching solution is just the answer. Also speak to us about one to one or group coaching for others in your team.

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