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Diagnostics that deliver vital insights to influence organization wide performance. When you think about the challenges companies face in some ways they are the eternal people challenges - why do people leave, what drives higher performance, what behaviours lead to higher customer satisfaction etc. For a very long time this has been a space where the answer was "it depends". The space is changing to the recognition that there can be a much better, more accurate answer than ever. Our People Analytics solutions are about helping our clients make better people and organizational decision by identifying in a very data driven way, what matters to value creation.

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AI Applications in Recruitment
8 to 16 weeks sprint

Conversational AI for Recruitment to help you find more qualified candidates, automate recruiting processes, and receive actionable insights. Accelerate your time to hire and delight candidates by atleast 2X above the industry norm. Shorten application time and reduce drop-off with a streamlined application process that can turn your customers into candidates.

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Talent Retention Diagnostics
2 to 4 weeks sprint

Retaining your employees in the current market is not luxury but a necessity. There is nothing so fickle as a human being, making it essential to understand what motivates your employees, what prompts them to change jobs, and why they like working for your organization. Whilst some degree on employee turnover is healthy, however beyond a point it can soon tip into undesirable disruption. The key question is: what makes your employees stay and how can you positively contribute to that? Our Talent Retention Diagnostics helps you determine why employees leave and what makes they stay, so you can develop a proactive approach to managing regrettable turnover.

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Improving Sales Performance
8 to 16 weeks sprint

We implemented a client with identifying and implementing a micro-learning and analytics platform to help protect training investments and quantify business value , engage learners and reinforce job critical knowledge, reinforce sales learning to improve sales proficiency, productivity and performance.  The anticipated impact is a boost in learner proficiency by 17%, improvement sales product knowledge retention by 2x resulting in improved sales calls effectiveness and sales results.


Organization Network Analysis (ONA)
12 to 24 weeks sprint

Analyze and understand value-creating networks that are vital for embedding culture, knowledge sharing, change management. ONA is a structured way to visualize how communications, information, and decisions flow through an organization. It helps you look beyond the organization chart to identify the key influencers and hidden experts. Collectively called the ‘Social Capital ’ of an organization, these invisible networks of relationships (both internal and external) help HR and business leaders understand exactly how work gets done, businesses grow and employees (individuals and teams) succeed.

Read about our Sonar Solution that provides insights on collaboration, engagement and inclusion

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Talent to Value Mapping
4 to 8 weeks sprint

Mckinsey research shows that somewhere like 15 discrete roles drive between 40-50% of the value in an organization. This sounds beguilingly simple - getting the right people into the critical roles that drive value for your organization and retain top talent. The snag is that many companies do not have a very crisp perspective on how value gets created and then identifying the roles that are critical for generating the maximum value for the company. Getting the best people into the most important roles does not happen by chance; it requires a disciplined look at where the organization really creates value, identifying value creators, enablers and protectors and how top talent contributes to this. This is what Talent to Value Mapping accomplishes.

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