The Circle of Legends



LEGEND - someone who is highly accomplished, usually as a result of distinctive or unique characteristics or skills developed over a period of time. 

Have you been super successful in your corporate career, your business and yet you have this feeling deep down inside that there is so much more you can do?

Do you want to create something new -  bring a passion project into existence, create a new venture or solve some pressing problems of today?

Are you pretending to enjoy what you are doing, knowing fully well that you are done with it? 

READ ON.....

Are any of these contemplations of most top performers true for you - >

Despite the admiration of those around you, do you have this feeling deep within - that there is a lot more you can accomplish?

Do you think “I can do this with my eyes closed”? 

Is everyone around you in awe of your accomplishment but secretly you feel you did not have to do too much to make that happen?

Do you miss being surrounded by a group of true top performers? 

Do you have a soul stirring project within but feel held back by convention? 

You’re not alone – but do you sometimes feel all by yourself?

Do you feel the need to have a space where you can speak your heart's deepest desires out aloud and not having to justify them but be heard and understood?


How would you like to be surrounded by extraordinary high-performers like yourself, week after week, month after month for 8 months? What could you accomplish, who can you become in such a setting? 

The paradox of success is that it creates blind spots and limitations to greater success. Put another way - what got you to where you are today, will not get you to your next level of accomplishment.

"There was pretty immediate affinity. Puneet has an incredible gift of seeing people. There are many people who can coach you into achieving goals, but what Puneet does for his clients - he not only coaches you on the Goal Line of your development, but also on the Soul Line of your development"

Jessica Corbin, Founder of Revita5, past US Top 50 Athlete

Rock Climbing

The trials of being a high performer

To be a high-performer can often mean that, despite the awe you inspire in others, it often doesn’t feel like you’ve had to work that hard for the success you've accomplished. 

Or, you’ve worked your buns off, accomplished material success and other trappings associated with success, including achieving all that you set out to but something is missing on the inside. 

Or, you’ve experienced success in one area of your life whilst in another things are off kilter. Your business is thriving but the deep connection you crave with your partner is missing. Your material needs are well met but rapport with your kids is left wanting. 

You must be ready to blaze a new trail that has your SIGNATURE

To get to your next level of success, you must be ready to challenge your existing paradigms. You must put at risk the success you’ve become. You must be ready to carve a new path, the one only you can, the one with your signature. 

What if you could closely evaluate each of the qualities that have got you to where you are today? What if you could discover how your very successes are holding you back the most? And what if each of them can be dealt with? Forever.


The Circle of Legends is a group of 6 Top Performers ready for a higher creation 

A guarantee of transformation and a lifelong community of powerhouses



  • You are seeking a community of extraordinary people who inspire you 

  • You think big and refuse to be bound by conformity. Conformity is mediocrity 

  • You are ready to recreate a higher version of yourself 

  • You have been successful; you’re now ready to commit to a passion project, either alongside what you presently do, or by fully devoting yourself to it. And it feels scary 

  • You are ready to transform your leadership and presence 

  • You are ready to create greater social impact 

  • You have a mission powerful enough that nothing will stop you. Or are ready for one

  • You want to be part of a fascinating group that will push your outer edges 

  • Your real goal is beyond money and recognition 

  • You are not seeking approval 

  • You want to create deep inner and outer space 


These are the 5 specific elements of your experience:

The Circle of Legends is an Accelerator for high performing leaders. You will have me as your coach, as a member of a group of high performers, for 8 months. We are your personal and confidential Board of Directors.

Client 2

Element 1 - Your Coaching

In The Circle of Legends, I'll be on your team, providing powerful Deep Coaching in a Group Setting via Zoom, month after month after month. You will create a powerful and compelling vision for your future and step right into it. And you'll overcome the fears, concerns, limiting beliefs or insecurities that may come in the way.

Client 3

Element 2: Your Boardroom

You will join me and five others, in a container, where you can share your ideas, your fears and your successes and be heard. We will be your personal boardroom. You're here for challenge and accountability. You’ll have a peer group of highly motivated individuals who will hold you to a high bar. You will build your resilience and your ability to handle any situation with presence. You’ll get 10X of the value of The Circle of Legends by creating peer support opportunities. And, you will have your own community of extraordinary people – wherever you are in the world.

Client 5

Element 3: Your Environment

If you can’t create and control your environment, your environment will control you. You will learn to optimize your environment, to create goals, opportunities, actions and thoughts that energize you. You literally create your world from the inside out, not letting external circumstances control your thinking.

Client 2

Element 4: Your Well-Being

Your daily practices, routines and physiology significantly impact the quality of thoughts, which ultimately impacts your performance. You will utilize time tested empowering daily practices and learn how to let go of stress and burnout. You will learn a 4-step Mindfulness practice I learnt over the course of a year at a Buddhist monastery. You will create the patterns for a well-balanced life.

Client 3

Element 5: Your Action Plan

You will go to work on your vision to begin to bring it into existence in our time together. Build an action plan to create the biggest impact for you and those you intend to impact. You will share your progress with your peer group and me week after week, seek any support you require to overcome any challenges. You will incorporate your well-being practices into a daily discipline manifesto. 


"I have gained amazing value from

your focus, energy and creativity. It’s been an absolutely incredible

experience over the last several months, and I really thank you from

the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done to move my life forwards.

I’m committing myself to take your challenges and teachings into my life.”

R. Jones

Here is what will actually happen as part of The Circle of Legends program

You have me as your coach, alongside a group of powerful leaders  – from 2020 all the way through May 2021. 

You have powerful Deep Coaching in a Group Setting via Zoom, month after month.

We begin in October and you have monthly Accelerator calls, led by me, in August and September. So, the earlier you join us, the more support you get.

You have 90 minute group coaching sessions, approx. twice a month. One call in December. In between our calls, you will support each other. 

You have access to a hub that includes all call recordings and additional resources to support you. So you'll never miss a session, even if you can't make one ‘live’.

And, you become a member of our private Slack channel, to ask me questions and to offer and receive mutual support.


If you are always trying to be normal, you'll never know how AMAZING you can be - Maya Angelou


Components of The Circle of Legends

Being Creative

Leadership - you'll have the opportunity to re-examine how you want to shape and focus your leadership going forward

Your Venture - create opportunities to build your venture, take action and manifest it before we're done.


Reflection - you'll create the time and space for inner exploration, to create deep alignment of your values, your priorities and your actions

3D Boxes

Peer Support - you'll have numerous opportunities for value creating experiences with each other and feel well supported

Transformation - you'll experience pure transformation over the time you spend at The Circle of Legends. 

Creative Design
Pyramid Sculpture

Balance - you'll create the balance in your life that nourishes important aspects of well-being, family, work and contribution


The Circle of Legends is for you if:

  • You want to live a created life 

  • You want to make a difference 

  • You want to create something new and bigger or something radically different 

  • You are seeking a community of like minded big thinkers

  • You want to be an impact oriented leader 

  • You want to create balance in your life and still accomplish your vision 

  • You want to be true to your core values and talents 

  • You are committed to taking action and not be stopped by perfection 

  • You are ready to commit to a higher way of living 

  • You are ready to risk non-approval 

  • You want to create the space for deep introspection 


The Circle of Legends is not for you if:

  • You are not committed to making an exponential difference 

  • You are not willing to support your peers on their journey  

  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your current circumstances  

  • You are not committed to greatly enhancing your well-being and balance in life

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 14.51.09.png

For years I have coached men and women who are visionaries. They are top performers. Their goals not only move their lives forward, but also lift up their communities. I give them tools, structures and support to take every aspect of their lives to higher levels of fulfillment, and help chart the course to bring their passions into the world in meaningful ways.

This is what I do. 

p.s. the future does not exist, it is created. 


The Circle of Legends is designed to make you feel uncomfortable, to make you push beyond your limits. Because what got you to where you are today, will not get you to your next level of accomplishments.

Your first step is to complete the application. I'll personally review your application and reach out for a conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you.  

 This program is by INVITATION or APPLICATION only. There are only 6 spaces available. And we start in October with Accelerator calls on 25 August and 22 September 2020. So the earlier you join the more value you get. 


About Puneet Sachdev

As an international business consultant and executive coach, Puneet has led successful human capital engagements in North America, Asia, and Europe. He has led top performing teams in Fortune 500 companies and in rapidly growing technology companies. Prior to setting up his consultancy, he was management consulting for an Accenture Consulting company based in San Francisco. His work has led to international award winning recognition.

He is also an executive coach for founders of technology companies through the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. And has also supported technology companies via the Australian e-challenge. 

At the heart level, he always responds with “Yes.” A “yes” to exploring his inner depths.  A “yes” to the call of adventure. Some of these calls have caused upheavals in his life but all have given him opportunities to grow. It has been a gift and a challenge at the same time. His journey has taken him from Asia to Europe to North America, Africa and Australia. 

Creatively, he is a published children's book author, has performed at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is the founder of a social enterprise whose main goal is to create a world where our children grow up in nurturing homes - free, joyful and fully self expressed. 

But, when all is said and done, the most important thing he does is being ‘dad’ to Ila. His 9-year-old daughter is an endless reservoir of inspiration for him. Ila gets a book written and illustrated by Puneet every year on 31 Jan, her birthday....and sometime book readings at her school too!