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Define: Legacy

A signature solution for Visionary Women Leaders ready for an exponential shift


Are you a female leader who has a track record of success behind you and deeply meaningful aspirations ahead of you?

Then you are in the Right Place. 

Is there an exponential goal or a vision that seems impossible today...something you know is yours for the taking and are experiencing internal resistance towards it? 

Are there some secret fears you’ve never shared with anyone, some challenges that are stopping you in your tracks? 

Despite your success do you second guess yourself and sometimes even find it hard to accept your own Brilliance? 

Are there times you feel all by yourself in pursuit of your ambitions, even misunderstood and deeply desire a supportive community, a judgment-free zone to be you?

What if you could discover how your very successes are holding you back the most? What if you could handle every one of them? Forever.

You are not alone, And, it does not have to be this way. 

The Vision for the Define Ecosystem - 

Define: Legacy - for women entrepreneurs creating their next exponential shift

Define: Torch - a mentoring program for young emerging female leaders, and they will be mentored by the women on Define: Legacy

Define: Foundry - an initiative to support women's self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in developig nations  and potentially in countries with civil unrest

What Define: Legacy Is

Taking Notes

Define: Legacy is a 7-month signature group coaching and self-mastery journey for a handpicked community of just four exceptional women leaders from around the world.

You will come together in a  growth-oriented safe container, to define your exponential vision, to create the identity shift to hold the moral authority for your vision, to build your personal action plan for accomplishment, and execute it. You will have me as your coach and truthteller. 

You will collectively create accountability and support for each other as you take actions towards your aspirations and goals. Eventually, it is a lifelong community no matter where you are on the planet, the biggest blanket of support you’ve ever received. 

Define is the place for you if you are ready to doubt your doubts and limitations, if you are ready to put at risk the success you’ve become, if you are ready to tolerate ambiguity for a while as you create an exponential future deliberately, if you are ready to delve deep into your internal patterns, if you are ready to accept and embody your uniqueness and express it, if you are ready to move from pleasing to serving...if you are ready to be You. 

"There was pretty immediate affinity. Puneet has an incredible gift of seeing people. There are many people who can coach you into achieving goals, but what Puneet does for his clients - he not only coaches you on the Goal Line of your development but also on the Soul Line of your development"

Jessica Corbin, Founder of SORCE, Santa Monica, CA

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

The trials of being a high performer

Sometimes the inner dialogue can sound like “I know I want to do this <your next aspirations>, but it feels overwhelming. Am I even ready for this move? Will I be able to pull it off, and what if I can’t?”

When you are trading your life upwards, it will be natural for your confidence to wane somewhat and even have doubt, after all, you are out of your comfort zone. And the deal is that full-blown confidence is not a requirement, it is a Result. 

The requirements are desire, a healthy dose of nervous energy, the willingness to take small steps, experiment, and not get it right before you actually do. 

And, what I also know is that the fastest breakthroughs happen when we’re working in a group of committed high performers willing to be truthful. 

Define: Legacy is not the place for you if you do not feel the compulsion towards expansion and growth, if you are not yet ready to step into an authentic expression of who you are as a leader, if you are not ready to invest in your own professional development and personal growth, and if despite your talent, you are 'ok' being an extra in your own movie. 

When you join Define, you access upto 9 months of support, coaching, and community. You step deeper and deeper into your very own authentic expression of leadership and role model it for other women around you - at work, in the community, and for any young children around you. 

JOIN ME. There are only 4 places. We begin cohort 2 in March 2022 with Accelerator Calls in Jan and Feb. 

Casual Meeting

Here is what will actually happen as part of Define: Legacy

Have me as your coach and a strong supporter who will not let you settle, alongside a cohort of highly accomplished women as your collective ‘board of directors’. ​

Have powerful deep coaching in a group setting month after month, after month from October 2021 all the way to April 2022. 

Have 90mins group coaching sessions approximately twice a month. 

Complete an integrative Enneagram assessment, and a one-to-one debrief session with an expert, that will provide you an archetypal map, practical and rich in powerful insights for self-discovery and effectiveness in the world. 

Create a powerful declaration of who you are and your stand in the world and bring this into existence by speaking it into the world day after day. 

Set a clear aiming point, build an action plan, and a personalized tracker to create the biggest impact for you.

Learn the principles behind Paradigm Shifts, and not just settling for incremental gains.

Closely examine your daily routines and practices, your energy 'suckers', and make high-impact changes to be fully empowered to thrive in uncertain times and be done feeling overwhelm. 

Become a member of our private Slack channel to ask me questions, and to offer and receive mutual support for the entire duration of the program and two months after the end.

Define: Torch is a mentorship program for young emerging female leaders. As members of Define: Legacy, you will be offered the option to give of your time and your talents to support the Define: Torch by volunteering as a mentor

Components of Define: Legacy

Being Creative

Leadership - you'll have the opportunity to re-examine how you want to shape and focus your leadership going forward

Your Venture - create opportunities to build your venture, take action and manifest it before we're done.


Reflection - you'll create the time and space for inner exploration, to create deep alignment of your values, your priorities and your actions

3D Boxes

Peer Support - you'll have numerous opportunities for value creating experiences with each other and feel well supported

Transformation - you'll experience pure transformation over the time as part of Define: Legacy

Creative Design
Pyramid Sculpture

Balance - you'll create the balance in your life that nourishes important aspects of well-being, family, work and contribution

What some Global Women Leaders I’ve worked with, in just the last year, have had to say 

“I felt an almost immediate shift when I started working with Puneet. He just “got me” and I felt understood - on a human level. He took the time to understand my vision, could instinctively see when & where I needed support, and helped me shape my way forward. Through working together I was able to tap into his experience, expertise, and instinct, and what I have been able to achieve during this time is mind-blowing. Thank you Puneet, you’re amazing!” - Sonia, Global HR Leader (London, UK)

“Puneet’s style of bringing transformative change intrinsically has ensured that not only I’ve achieved the desired results, in addition, I gained some key insights to my behavioral patterns and triggers I wasn’t even aware of and this has helped me tremendously. And then there was Puneet’s ability to show the magnitude of my strengths to me. He showed “me” to “me”. I am now aware of my signature strengths and can build on them. I can see tangible growth in me, inside and outside” - Karishma, Leadership and Personal Mastery Consultant and Coach (Bangalore, India) 
“There was pretty immediate affinity. Puneet has an incredible gift of seeing people. Puneet has X-Ray vision. If you are interested in the type of coaching that is strategic, because Puneet is very strategic, very intelligent but he offers a whole another dimension to his coaching, something I appreciated wholeheartedly. There are many people who can coach you into achieving your goals, but what Puneet does for his clients - he not only coaches you on the goal line of your development but also on the soul line of your development. He is going to create illuminations and realizations because he sees so deeply. If you are looking for holistic development and getting to higher levels of freedom, I could not recommend anybody better” - Jessica, Founder & CEO, SORCE (Santa Monica, USA)  

“Puneet Sachdev is an awesome Executive Coach.  His unique style and approach has helped me (a seasoned executive) in a profound way. I certainly find his style very different from many mentors & coaches I have worked with.  It’s a good thing.  I was initially resistant because I needed to shift my expectations and thinking which I wasn’t ready at the time however he didn’t give me a hard time at all.  His gentle approach calms me at a deeper level and I think that’s how I was able to evolve so quickly.  His words are so profound too.  He got what I am saying right away and his response addressed the issue directly again in a gentle way.  He helped me improve my self-esteem and confidence more so than anyone has. In less than 3 months, I feel that I am equipped to tackle deep-seated issues which were barriers to me achieving more in my professional aspirations. I highly recommend Puneet!” - Sandra, Serial Entrepreneur & Past Leader in the Commonwealth Business Council (Sydney, Australia)

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 14.51.09.png

For years I have coached women who are visionaries and leaders. Their goals not only move their lives forward, but also lift up their families, organizations, and communities. I offer tools, structures, and support moving them to higher levels of fulfillment and inner freedom. 

More than anything else, I draw out their gifts and uniqueness in a way that is relatable and they feel “seen”, safe and secure getting behind their visions and themselves fully, creating magnificent results in short periods of time. 

And I have no fear of pushing them to the very edges of their comfort zone and I do that with a level of love, compassion, and deep care that sometimes even surprises me. 

This is what I do. 

Define: Legacy is designed to make you feel uncomfortable, to make you push beyond your limits. Because what got you to where you are today, will not get you to your next level of accomplishments.

Your first step is to complete the application. I'll personally review your application and reach out for a conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you.  

 This program is by INVITATION or APPLICATION only. There are only 4 spaces available. And Cohort 2 starts in March 2022 with Accelerator Calls in Jan and Feb. So the earlier you join the more value you get. 

Your Investment is $965/month over 7 months. Or, paid now, in full, at $5750

About Puneet Sachdev

As an international business consultant and executive coach, Puneet has led successful human capital engagements in North America, Asia, and Europe. He has led top performing teams in Fortune 500 companies and in rapidly growing technology companies. Prior to setting up his consultancy, he was management consulting for an Accenture Consulting company based in San Francisco. His work has led to international award winning recognition.

He is also an executive coach for founders of technology companies through the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. And has also supported technology companies via the Australian e-challenge. 

At the heart level, he always responds with “Yes.” A “yes” to exploring his inner depths.  A “yes” to the call of adventure. Some of these calls have caused upheavals in his life but all have given him opportunities to grow. It has been a gift and a challenge at the same time. His journey has taken him from Asia to Europe to North America, Africa and Australia. 

Creatively, he is a published children's book author, has performed at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is the founder of a social enterprise whose main goal is to create a world where our children grow up in nurturing homes - free, joyful and fully self expressed. 

But, when all is said and done, the most important thing he does is being ‘dad’ to Ila. His 10-year-old daughter is an endless reservoir of inspiration for him. Ila gets a book written and illustrated by Puneet every year on 31 Jan, her birthday....and sometime book readings at her school too! 


Ila and her Daddy

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